Audience Experience

Sam on UnMasked at Logan Art Gallery

In terms of art appreciation, I am a total layperson and there’s a lot for me to learn, particularly when it is presented in the abstract.
I like your idea though, using mask as a metaphor to describe how people interact with and perceive the world today. Yes, if people would reflect and unmask themselves more often, then the way that we live our lives would have been a more enjoyable experience.
The metaphor actually reminds me of one of Buddha’s teachings. He observed that the origin of our suffering comes none other than our unwillingness to see the world as it is.
Intentionally or unintentionally we allow our understanding of how our world operates to be masked by our own bias and prejudices. We see only the things that we consider satisfying to see. Suffering occurs when reality hits.
I won’t pretend that I understand whether the underlying philosophy of your work is in fact an echo to that teaching, but this is my “unmasked” feedback of how I feel after seeing the exhibition and the written description there.